Panavisor’s goal is provide the highest quality, innovative cloud computing system for managing data to both large and small-scale business throughout the world.

Our highly skilled team includes:

William Ames
Chairman of the Board of DirectorsPanavisor-MG_bill-web-72-dpi

As founder of Panavisor, Bill brings over 20 years of startup management experience focusing on software development firms in the IT industry. His previous roles included Vice President of Sales at Iconix, Inc., and Founder, President and CEO of Gobosh, a $140M IT solution provider.

Prior to that, Bill was President and CEO of Wyatt River Software, a leading developer in the license management market with development arms in both the U.S. and India. Wyatt River was acquired by Rainbow Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:RNBO). Additionally, Bill founded Central Designs System, Inc., a hardware integrator which was acquired by SafeNet in the acquisition of its sister company, Wyatt River.

Bill’s prior roles included Vice President of Sales at Highland Digital and Cadence Design Systems, Inc. He has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions and has led or managed over 15 mergers during his career. Bill shares his expertise in motivational and directional presentations throughout the country. He holds a BS in mathematics from the University of Washington and an MBA from Boston University.

Michael Mazarick, Jr.
Chief Technical OfficerPanavisor-_MG_mickey-web-72-dpi

“Mickey” has more than 10 years experience creating virtualization software and appliances. Most recently, he was Founder and CEO of Digital Tadpole, a local cloud computing provider. Prior to founding Digital Tadpole, Mickey was the lead engineer at Proximity Systems, creating a secure computing environment for hospitals.

Earlier in his career, he worked on security computing for the medical industry, Novartis, the Boy Scouts of America, and the Tennessee Valley Authority (“TVA”) in his position at MediMedia.

Mickey holds a BA degree in computer science from North Carolina State University.