The Panavisor appliance implements our proprietary Quasi-Physical Network™ architecture or QPN™, which is an end-to-end solution that makes controlling computing resources easy, flexible and adaptable. Using our system, tasks that typically take days can be accomplished in minutes. Our QPN architecture is designed to serve diverse customer requirements.

QPN sits above the entire network as a comprehensive security, control and management system.


Virtualized resources reside in the “Site Systems” area while actual hardware is located in the “Physical Systems.” In between the two systems is our management and control structure — the realm of the solutions provider. Using our technology, the data center creates virtual private data centers systems and deploys site systems to users. The solution provider manages the virtual data centers using the “Management Systems.” The solution provider can delegate as much control as the end user desires.

Under of the QPN architecture, the full-stack is under unified management and control. With this span of control, we are able to define data center compute resources, isolate those resources and then deploy those resources on plug and play appliances. The communications link that we establish between the data center and the end- user’s site provides LAN protocols, making the data center appear as if it was a local resource to the user. Using our technology, data center providers can provide complete IT solutions, going far beyond the webhosting services that are currently offered. Creating and deploying LAN resources from a data center in a highly reproducible and scalable manner changes the economics of hosted solutions for small and medium sized businesses, permitting SMB’s to decommission local servers in favor of servers at remote data centers.